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Gamifying your financial success

Financial Academy

Are you a person that is constantly on the pursuit to acquire new knowledge? Do you feel out of the loop on what you should be doing with your finances? Do you feel like everyone is profiting off your lack of financial knowledge? Would you like to kickstart your financial revolution?

We believe that financial advice should be easily accessible so we have created a unique financial education experience that will empower you with the knowledge and resources to change your personal financial life forever.

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Before you become wealthy you have to make a decision about the life you want to live. You have to decide whether you want to fit in with the "normal path" or whether you want to take a path less traveled. Our goal through the financial academy is to equip you with the mindset needed to achieve all of your goals and more. This means no more excuses or blaming anyone else for your financial woes. It's time to take your success in your own hands and begin creating the life you want for yourself and your family.
The table has been set; Banks, Investment Companies, Insurance Companies and Lending Institutions are not all bad. These companies have created products, services and resources to help advance wealth in America. The issue is our educational process has failed to incorporate how to best leverage these financial resources to build generational wealth for ourselves and our families. Tech & Flow is designed to fill this gap.
Knowledge isn't enough. Once you have an understanding of how money works what's next? Join our financial academy or schedule time today to speak with one of our coaches to develop a strategy to help you reach your financial goals faster and more efficiently.

Customer love

We have an average customer rating of 4.97/5
“Xaviar is super knowledgeable and was very patient with me throughout my time working with him. Dropping a ton of knowledge gems on finances throughout our discussions. He's helped me create a plan of attack that will allow me to achieve my financial goals in the short and long term. I definitely recommend him.”
Software Engineer
“Xaviar takes the extra time and care to map out a strategic plan for your financial success! He genuinely cares about his clients. Your success is his success!!”
Business Development Officer
“With the help of the financial academy & coaching with Xaviar I have been able to buy my first house, save money and start a retirement account. I have no reason to look anywhere else.”
Delivery Driver
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“I'm going to be going back to school so that I can educate myself on this topic (finance & money). Because I want to have financial success for myself and the young guys that are coming up after me.”

Toarlyn Fitzpatrick, Professional Basketball Player

Our Mission

To inspire a culture of people that share like mind, creativity and vigor to achieve a greater level of financial success through entrepreneurship and innovation.

Our Vision

To develop a unique and innovative digital experience that could assist in developing more million dollar entities lead by Tech, Sports and Creative professionals.

Our Team

A growing team of innovators who are on a mission to educate our community on financial literacy and assist with building wealth through entrepreneurship & innovation.

Xaviar A. Gray
Founder, Fearless Leader
& Financial Coach
Patrick Haugabook
Real Estate Coach
Atu Kyeison
Credit Coach
Nia Perkins
Crypto & NFT Coach

Alexa Cook
Tony Otero
Investment Coach
Interested in joining the team
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